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Obligatory Back To School Post

Oh, no! Say it ain't so! Summer may be just about over, but we've still got a few weeks left before we say goodbye to beach weather and summer fun at the Dojo.

We have to start by congratulating Angel D. and Blake M. on becoming our July 2016 Students of the Month! Fun Fact: Both of these boys have won Student of the Month before, so keep up the great work, fellas!

Last week was Ninja Camp week here at the Dojo, and boy, was it gnarly! We hope the campers had as much fun as we did discussing different types of bullying and ways that they can avoid becoming a target and stand up for themselves. Campers also had to face the challenge of using the self defense techniques they worked on to try and escape in the "Kidnapper Challenge"! We wrapped it all up with our Beach Day on Friday and the Ninja Sleepover on Saturday!

Big thanks to our awesome instructors, Mr. Jose and Miss Noelani, as well as our student helpers Ricardo, Austin, and Nancy who stopped by to lend a hand. We've got tons of great photos on our Facebook and Instagram, so check them out!

We can't wait until next year!

This Friday (8/5) is our Teen/Adult Belt Test beginning at 6:00 pm sharp. There will be no Teen Kempo or Adult Kempo group classes that evening. If you have a Private Lesson scheduled for before 6:00 pm, it will remain on regular schedule.

Saturday (8/6) is our Kids Belt Test at 12:30pm, and all group and private lessons will remain on regular schedule.

Next week will be our final Ninja Olympic challenge of 2016: The Kicking Competition! Lil Dragons and Juniors students can earn stacks of Ninjas Dollars by placing in the top 3, which they can then use to buy new patches for their Gis. Once we've finished this last one, we'll post the results of all of the Ninja Olympic events from this summer. Congratulations to all of the competitors on their great effort and sportsmanship so far!

Coming up next month, the Dojo will be closed on Monday, 9/6 for Labor Day, and we have the Fall 2016 Dojo Tournament going down on Saturday 9/24 for our students of all ages and ranks. We'll send out more info as we get closer to the end of the month.

Remember to help make Back-to-School week better for everyone by talking to your kids about how cool it is to be kind, respectful, and inclusive. Have a wonderful (and crazy) month, and we'll see you in the Dojo!

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