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Not Fooling Around

We are knee-deep in 2017 and already putting that work in. Here's what's coming up in April at the Dojo.

Registration for the Spring 2017 Dojo Tournament continues until Monday, 4/10, so be sure and get your registration forms in ASAP. To learn more about our in-house Dojo Tournament, Click Here, and to view and print your own registration form, Click Here. Forms are also available at the front desk in the Dojo.

Be sure to make it in to all of your scheduled group and private lessons to help you better prepare for your events and to make the most out of this competition and your martial arts training.

Many of our younger students will be out of school for Spring Break at some point in April. The Dojo will remain open and on regular schedule throughout the month, so if you plan to be out of town at any time, please let your instructors know so we can reschedule your private lessons for a convenient time when you get back. Have some fun in this great (so far) weather!

There was a very tough fight for our March Student of the Month award, but after a 5-way tie-breaker, we have our winners: Congratulations to Tito G. and Kylie M., our March 2017 Students of the Month!

We have the next Teen/Adult Belt Test (tentatively) scheduled for Friday, May 5th, and the Kids Belt Test scheduled for Saturday, May 6th. If you or your child will be ready to test for your next rank by this time, your Instructor will let you know within the next week.

We're looking forward to a exciting day of competition at the Dojo Tournament and another great month of working towards our Martial Arts goals. Have a great month and we'll see you in the Dojo.

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