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July Force

***To download and print a permission slip for the Ninja Sleepover, Click Here!***

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of summer at the Dojo. Just because school's out doesn't mean we're taking it easy, but the fun is just beginning.

We're not even halfway through our annual Ninja Olympics, but we've got some winners already! Check out our top 3 finishers from the first 3 challenges:



1st Place - Kylie M.

2nd Place - Justin N.

3rd Place - Wyatt T.

Lil Dragons:

1st Place - Jeremy H.

2nd Place - Stone V.

3rd Place - Adora C.



1st Place - Kylie M.

2nd Place - Luke M.

3rd Place - Peyton M.

Lil Dragons:

1st Place - Stone V.

2nd Place - Adora C.

3rd Place - John T.



1st Place - Nicole R.

2nd Place - Kylie M.

3rd Place - Curren M.

Lil Dragons:

1st Place - n/a

2nd Place - Jeremy H.

3rd Place - Adora C

We took a break from the Ninja Olympics this week since we knew a lot of our students would be out of town for the holiday, but we'll start back up again next week with the Splits Competition, followed by Grappling, Katas (Forms), and last but not least, Sparring. Remember, these events are part of regularly scheduled Friday group classes for our Juniors and Lil Dragons students, and you do not need to sign up or come in for any additional training in order to participate.

June 2017 Student of the Month Team San Clemente

Ninja Camp 2017 begins early next month! We'll send out an email with reminders for all of the dates and times, what to bring, etc. in the days before camp begins.

Finally, I know you already know this but... If you plan on heading to the beach before karate, please be sure to wash ALL of the sand from your skin and hair before coming in to train (or before sending your child in to train). Training on sandy mats is very uncomfortable and can also be dangerous, so please help us keep the Dojo clean!

We hope you all had a great Fourth of July and we'll see you in the Dojo!

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