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Looking Ahead to 2018...

Click Here to view and print a copy of our 2018 Calendar of Events

And here we are, just 4 weeks away from the New Year... But we're not quite ready to slow things down. Things can get a little chaotic for everyone during the holidays and we hope you find the Dojo to be a place where you can go to relieve some stress and take a break from all the shopping, party-planning, travel-planning, visitors, wrapping, and decorating. 2017 has been a great year at the Dojo so far, and we're looking to keep the good times rolling into 2018!

Congratulations to our November 2017 Student of the Month, Wyatt T.! Great work on another win, Wyatt. Who will be the final Student of the Month winner of 2017?

We have to send out another "Congratulations" to all of our students who earned their new ranks at the November Belt Test: Annie E., Stone V., John T., Chase C., Brittany B., Jack L., Wyatt T., and Tito G.! All of your hard work paid off.

November was our last Belt Test of the year, but our first Tests of 2018 are right around the corner. The next Teen/Adult Belt Test is scheduled for Friday, February 2nd, and the next Kids Belt Test is scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd 2018. Your/your child's instructor will let you know before we head on our Holiday Break if you/your child will be ready for the February 2018 Test.

On a kinda sad note... The USSD Grand Championship Tournament was recently rescheduled from December 9th to the following weekend on December 16th. Unfortunately, that was the day we had planned for our annual Dojo Family Potluck, so we'll have to cancel the potluck so that our students will have one more opportunity to compete this year. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule the potluck for early next year. I know that the 16th is cutting it awfully close to Christmas (and right in the middle of Hanukkah) but if you are interested in competing at the USSD Winter Grand Championship Tournament, Click Here to register or see your instructor for more information.

Keep an eye out for our 2017 Holiday Newsletter, coming soon! It'll include our 2018 Calendar of Events which will list all of our most important dates- Belt Tests, Tournaments, Ninja Summer Camp, Dojo Paintball, and more- for the whole upcoming year.

Finally, our Holiday Break will begin on Thursday, December 21st and extend to Monday, January 1st 2018. During this time, the Dojo will be closed for all Martial Arts training to allow our Instructors time to spend with their families (Crossfit will remain open for special holiday hours, please visit their website for more info). We will reopen on Tuesday, January 2nd on regular schedule.

If you plan on being out of town for dates before or after our Holiday Break, please let your instructors know ahead of time so we can reschedule your lesson for a future date.

We hope you've been giving some thought to your 2018 goals! It's been amazing to watch our students grow and improve as Martial Artists and achieve the goals they set around this time last year. Whether you're looking to improve specific Martial Arts skills, fitness, strength, discipline, focus, or stress-management, if you'd like some help choosing and setting goals for yourself or your child, speak to your instructor and we'll help you come up with a plan to make it happen. We're excited and honored to help our new and long-time students reach their full potential in the New Year.

From all of us at USSD Martial Arts San Clemente, we wish you a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year! See you in the Dojo!

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