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Let's Go, 2018!

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a merry and restful break over the holidays. Now we are back in action in the New Year, ready to set and destroy a whole new set of life goals and #DojoGoals! We've got a lot of great stuff planned for 2018 to help you become the best you can be, so be sure and check out our 2018 Calendar of Events and our Holiday Newsletter to stay on top of it all. But for now, here's what's up at the Dojo in January.

We had a 3-way tie to close out our final Student of the Month award of 2017. Congratulations to Gage G., Allen R., and Nicole R., our December 207 Students of the Month!

This month is all about GOALS. We encourage all of our students to jot down at least 1 Martial Arts, health, or fitness-related goal for themselves for 2018 (if you haven't done so already). If you need help coming up with a goal or creating a game plan to help you achieve it, we're happy to assist! And for a little extra motivation, you can post your goal on Instagram with the hashtag #DojoGoals and tag us (@ussdsc). We'll repost and share with the rest of the Dojo fam to keep you on top of it with a little extra encouragement and support.

For kids, we encourage them to write their goal on a piece of paper and get it signed by a parent. Then they can bring it in to their instructor and we can get to work on a game plan!

Speaking of goals, there's a big one coming up for many of our students: The first Belt Tests of the year! The Teen/Adult Belt Test is scheduled for Friday, February 2nd (there will be no Teen or Adult group class that evening). The Kids Belt Test is scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd. Your instructor will let you know if you or your child will be ready to test in February and invitations will go out by the end of this week.

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day! The Dojo will remain open and on regular schedule on Monday, January 15th.

Next month registration will begin for our annual Ninja Camp! This year, our summer camp centered around defense against bullying and stranger danger awareness will take place on Wednesday, August 1st through Friday August 3rd, from 8:00 am to noon. We'll be offering a special discount for "Early-Bird" registration. For more info about Ninja Camp, check out the piece about in in our Holiday Newsletter, or Click Here for a detailed description of last year's camp.

We hope you're all off to a great start in the New Year! Keep working on those goals and we'll see you in the Dojo!

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