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We're Just Warming Up

One minute it's "Happy New Year!" and he next thing you know it's "April Fools!". But we certainly aren't fooling around in the Dojo this month, gearing up for all of the excitement coming up this Spring and Summer.

Most importantly, the Spring 2018 Dojo Tournament is right around the corner! Registration closes on Monday, April 9th, so please get those Competitor Registration forms in as soon as possible. The sooner we get the forms in, the sooner we can post the full Schedule of Events and Event Divisions here on the Blog and at the Dojo.

Regular competition is an essential element in becoming a great Martial Artist and achieving Black Belt, and we recommend that our students compete at least twice a year (but 3-4 time is ideal). To learn more about the Dojo Tournament or to print out your registration form, Click Here.

Congratulations to our March 2018 Student of the Month, Philip S.! Back-to-back wins for sister and brother!

Big thanks to the City of San Clemente and everyone who came to visit our booth promoting our Bully Blockers Summer Camp at the Springtacular and Campalooza! We had a great time breaking boards and meeting up with our students and neighbors. For more info on Ninja Camp 2018: Bully Blockers, Click Here.

And right at the beginning of next month are our next Belt Tests on Friday, May 4th for Teens/Adults, and Saturday, May 5th for Kids. Your Instructor will let you know if you/your child will be ready to test for the next rank in May.

Have a great April and we'll see you in the Dojo!

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