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Bringing the Heat

WE. ARE. BACK! We hope you all had a great couple of weeks of Summer Break, and now it's time to get back to karate business! Here's what's coming up at the Dojo in July.

This Friday (6/12) is the LAST DAY to register for Bully Blockers Ninja Camp! This 3-day summer camp is designed to teach kids how to fight back against bullying and survive dangerous "stranger danger" situations in a fun and safe environment. Bully Blockers is open to all kids (students and the general public) ages 5 to 11.

Students can sign up at the Dojo (there are still a few spots left!) and non-students can sign up online through the City of San Clemente's Summer Recreation Programs by Clicking Here (listed under "summer camps" and "martial arts"). This fun and action-packed summer camp could save your child's life! Click Here to learn more or print your own Bully Blockers 2019 registration form.

Just for our students and their friends and family, we've got sign-ups for the 2019 Ninja Sleepover beginning on Monday, 7/15! The perfect way to end the summer with games, challenges, a piñata, prizes, a pizza party, movies, and more! Younger Ninjas can stay for most of the festivities and head home at 10:30 pm... The brave can stay all 12 hours! All you need is a sleeping bag, a pillow, and the energy to stay up all night having a blast with your friends. The best part is, all students who are signed up for Bully Blockers Ninja Camp through the Dojo attend the Ninja Sleepover for free! Sign up forms will be at the front desk beginning on Monday, or Click Here to print you own.

Congratulations to our June 2019 Student of the Month, Lynnox B.! Great work, Lynnox!

Last month's Spring 2019 Dojo Tournament, Demo Team Performance, and Taco Party was a hit! To see the Official Results (top 3 finishers in each division and event), Click Here. We've also uploaded some awesome highlights to our Instagram and all of the photos we got at the event on our Facebook page. Great work, everyone!

The 2019 Ninja Olympics continue this month with 5 challenges remaining! Each week of summer will have a different training theme, ending with a tournament-style competition every Friday. The different themes and competition dates are:

*Speed - June 10 - 14 (Completed)

Lil Dragon Winners:

1st Place: Adora C.

2nd Place: Stone V.

3rd Place: Isaiah L.

Juniors Winners:

1st Place: Justin N.

2nd Place: Wyatt T.

3rd Place: Brandon H.

*Balance - June 17 - 21 (Completed)

Lil Dragon Winners:

1st Place: Kinsey M.

2nd Place: Lynnox B.

3rd Place: Stone V.

Juniors Winners:

1st Place: Justin N.

2nd Place: Allen R.

3rd Place: Wyatt T.

Kicking - July 8 - 12

Flexibility - July 15 - 19

Grappling - July 22 - 26

Katas (Forms) - July 29 - August 2

Sparring - August 5 - 9

The top 3 finishers in each challenge will win Ninja Dollars which can be used to buy special patches for their Gis. Since these challenges will be incorporated into regularly-scheduled Lil Dragons and Juniors group classes, students do not have to sign up or come in for any additional training in order to participate. Just one more way to keep things fun and FOCUSED during the summer months!

And before we go, just a few important reminders for summertime at the Dojo:

First: If you plan on heading to the beach this summer (who wouldn't) be sure that you wash ALL of the sand from your body and hair before you come in to train. Sand on the mats makes training uncomfortable and unsafe for everyone, so please be considerate.

Next: If you or your child happen to get a sunburn, you can wear a rash guard underneath your Gi to prevent it from rubbing on your sore skin. And don't forget sunscreen!

And finally: If you plan on heading out of town, please be sure and let your instructor know at least 24 hours ahead of time so we can reschedule your missed private lessons for when you get back and make sure that everyone has a partner to train with.

Have a great month and we'll see you in the Dojo!

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