Bully Blockers 2019 Breakdown

August 8, 2019



    Bully Blockers Ninja Camp and the Ninja Sleepover may be over, but we've still got tons of video and photos to share with everyone. We've already shared a few clips on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and you can see the rest by clicking the links below. The campers (and Instructors) had a TON of fun with physical and mental challenges, workouts, and a whole lot more. But it wasn't just fun and games! Here's how we spent our time at Ninja Camp 2019:


      On Day 1, Campers learned about different types of bullying and how to identify bullying behaviors. Next, we discussed and demonstrated the steps that they should take if they are being bullied or witness bullying.


     After a lengthy discussion about when it is appropriate to use self-defense techniques on another kid, the consequences they may face even if they are acting in self-defense, and the difference between defending themselves against another child versus defending themselves against an adult attacker or kidnapper, the kids split into groups and worked on techniques designed to stop someone who is trying to hit or push you, create space between yourself and your attacker, and defend yourself in a way that will let the bully know that they don’t want to mess with you without badly injuring them.


     For a demonstration of the Bully-defense and de-escalation techniques we worked on, speak with one of our instructors.


       On Day 2 of Ninja Camp, we switched things up, and the main focus of the day was “Stranger Danger”. We spent some time discussing who a stranger is, what a stranger can look like, and that not every stranger is a bad person, but you never know. We also discussed the things they can do to make sure they’re not easier targets for predators.


      We always really try to stress to the kids that although knowing how to physically defend yourself against a bigger and stronger attacker is very important and could end up saving their lives one day, if kids find themselves in a position where they are facing an adult attacker alone, they’re already in extreme danger, and it is better to take the steps to avoid a situation like that than to just rely on their self-defense knowledge alone.