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Leap into the Dojo

We really hit the ground running into 2020, and so far we've run right through January and some of our #DojoGoals for the new year. Congratulations to everyone who earned their new ranks at the Belt Tests last weekend! What a great way to get the new decade started! But there's still plenty of time to hit the rest of your Martial Arts and health goals for this year, so take a minute to see what's coming up this month at the Dojo.

Congratulations AGAIN to Gabriella A., our very first Student of the Month of 2020! Way to go on another win, Gabriella! (photo coming soon)

Summer may be quite a few months off, but we're already looking forward to this year's Bully Blockers Ninja Summer Camp! This year's self-defense camp for kids will be held on Wednesday, August 5th through Friday, August 7th, 8:00 am to noon each day. Ninja Campers will learn how to recognize and stand up to bullying, and how to physically defend themselves against child bullies as well as adult attackers.

The discounted Early-Bird registration begins this Monday, February 10th and lasts until February 24th or until all available spots have been filled (space is limited). Bully Blockers registration is open to all kids (students and non-students) ages 5 to 11. All USSD San Clemente students and their siblings who sign up for Bully Blockers Ninja Camp will also receive a free pass to the party of the year, the Ninja Sleepover! Click Here for more information and to print your own Bully Blockers registration form (forms can also be found at the front desk in the Dojo). You don't want to miss this!

The Dojo will be open and on regular schedule on Friday, February 14th (Valentine's Day and Lincoln's Day), as well as Monday, February 17th (President's Day). If you won't make it in for your training, please let your instructor's know ahead of time.

In case you missed it, Click Here to download and print out our 2020 Dojo Calendar of Events so you can stay in the loop for all upcoming Tournaments, Belt Tests, holiday closures, and more.

Have an awesome February and we'll see you in the Dojo!

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