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Registration for Bully Blockers Ninja Camp 2020 is Now Open!

We are excited to announce that Early-Bird Registration for Bully Blockers Ninja Camp 2020 begins this Monday, February 10th!

This year’s camp dates are Wednesday, August 5th through Friday, August 7th, from 8:00 am to noon.

In addition to all of the Campers’ favorite techniques and challenges that we bring back every year (Kidnap Challenge, Agility Obstacle Course, the picnic and Water War at the beach), the main focus of Ninja Camp is teaching kids how to effectively deal with physical and verbal bullying, and how they can recognize, avoid, and escape from "Stranger Danger" situations.

Bullying can become more of a problem as kids get older, even for kids who haven’t experienced it in the past. In Bully Blockers Ninja Camp, we teach campers how to prevent bullies from targeting them and how they can recognize and stop it when they see it being done to someone else.

Strangely enough, teaching kids how to stop physical bullying by other kids is a little more complicated than teaching them how to stop an adult attacker, because they have to be able to judge when it’s OK to use their martial arts skills and how much force is appropriate for a particular situation. We’ll spend time working on non-violent ways to avoid and end conflicts, as well as effective and controlled techniques designed for campers to use when defending themselves against other neighborhood and schoolyard bullies without going “overboard” which could have serious and dangerous consequences.

It is also crucial for kids of all ages to be equipped with the skills needed to fend off an adult would-be child-predator, and more importantly, how to prevent such incredibly dangerous situations in the first place. During Ninja Camp, we first spend time discussing and demonstrating the steps kids can take to avoid becoming an easy target, everything from creating family plans to utilizing the "Buddy System", and so on. We then move on to teaching campers practical and effective self-defense techniques specifically designed for kids to use against a bigger and stronger adult attacker.

Overall, Bully Blockers Ninja Camp is not only an opportunity for kids to learn important life skills that they can carry with them well into their adulthood, but also a really fun and positive experience for them to share with their friends and the instructors in a safe and controlled environment.

Ninja Campers will also engage in tons of fun teamwork games, exciting challenges, group workouts, and cool crafts. As they work to earn their Bully Blockers Badges, they'll learn the importance of Teamwork, Focus, Respect, and Effort, while building Self-Esteem and making new friends.

For USSD San Clemente students and their siblings who register through the Dojo, Ninja Camp registration also includes free admission to the Ninja Sleepover, the party of the year, on Saturday, August 8th at 8:00 pm until Sunday, August 9th at 8:00 am (or until 10:00 pm on Saturday for those who just want to stay for the Pizza Party, Games, and Piñata).

Ninja Camp 2020 Registration is open to all children ages 5 to 11 (non-students welcome!). Days 1 and 2 will be held at the Dojo, and our Beach Day Picnic and Water War (Friday, August 7th) will be held at Linda Lane Park and Beach.

Registration begins Monday, February 10th and runs until all spots have been filled. (Space is limited!)

We will have a $40 “Early-Bird” discount available to all of our registered students and their family members who enroll by February 24th, as well as a Sibling Discount. Registration forms with pricing information can be found at the front desk in the Dojo, or you can download and print your own by clicking the link below:

Due to our partnership with the City of San Clemente's recreation department, we do expect this year’s camp to fill up, so please return your forms to the Dojo ASAP. When all spots have been filled, we will close registration and begin taking names for the waiting list.

If you have any questions about Ninja Camp, you can call or text us at (949) 361-9111, send an email to, or come by the Dojo to speak with an Instructor.

Click Here to see photos and read the rundown of last year's camp!

We hope to see you for some great summer fun in August so your kids will be ready to fight back against bullying and stay safe from danger when the next school year begins!


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