USSD Martial Arts San Clemente is the perfect Dojo for adults and children to learn martial arts. Our Dojo is a family-friendly facility. Our purpose is to promote martial arts through excellent training, discipline, respect for the art itself and students of the art.



Ages 4-6


Parents, do you worry about the dangers your young children face at school, the park, and even in your own neighborhood? Parents try to warn their children about the dangers of strangers and pedophiles but that doesn’t seem to cut down on the number of Amber Alerts we see on a weekly basis. Many times, children become victims because they are either unable to recognize danger until it is too late or they become so overwhelmed that sometimes they will even walk away with their abductors without a fight or call for help. When you give the gift of the Martial Arts to your child, yo will also give yourself peace of mind knowing that your child will be better able to recognize, avoid, and escape from danger.

In our Little Dragons program, children learn lessons in “Stranger Danger” and how to use basic self-defense practical for their small size to avoid and escape from dangerous situations. Our program also helps kids gain self-confidence and self-esteem, helps develop motor skills, improves coordination, and teaches discipline and the value of respect and teamwork, all while having tons of fun! Students and their parents take pride in their achievements!




Ages 7-11


Our Juniors program offers the same benefits as the Little Dragons program but is more suitable for older children. Students learn valuable self-defense and how to avoid and escape from bullies and predators. Classes also contain good cardio workouts and teach about nutrition to help keep kids fit and healthy. Parents can also arrange one on one meetings with their child’s Instructors to help monitor grades and behavior outside of the Dojo. Juniors take part in fun and friendly competitions that keep them doing their best year-round, and our program is designed to make training safe, comfortable, and rewarding for students of all levels.




Ages 12-15


Looking for something to keep your teen out of trouble or just off the couch? Want to see better grades on the next report card and make sure your child will be equipped to handle the pressures of high school? This is the class for you! Awesome workouts, practical self defense, and fun sparring and grappling come together to make our Teens program fun and rewarding for students and parents. Parents can also arrange meetings with instructors to help monitor grades and behavior outside of the Dojo. Older Teens are also welcome in the later Adult group classes if they seek a bigger challenge.




All ages


No matter what your age, you will find what you are looking for in this class. Men and women alike enjoy fun and fierce workouts and self-defense techniques that are practical for each student’s individual size and strength in a safe and healthy environment. Whether you are looking to get into shape, relieve stress, learn how to protect yourself and your family, or just looking to have fun, you’re guaranteed to find it here.

Little Dragons Program
Little Dragons Program

Little Dragons Program (3-6 year olds)

Juniors Program
Juniors Program

Juniors Program (7-11 years old)

Teens Program
Teens Program

Teens Program (12-15 years old)

Adults Program
Adults Program

Adults Program (all ages)

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