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Getting Better By the Day

As this year continues to fly by, we'd like to start by thanking our amazing students and their families for sticking tight with us through another year full of chaos and uncertainty. We also thank you for understanding and respecting our commitment to provide world-class martial arts training in a safe and healthy environment. You rock!

But you don't need to take our word for it! Between our students' performances at the USSD Fall Tournament, to everyone to earned their new rank at one of the pandemic Belt Tests (which were no less physically or mentally challenging than a Before Times test, but with the added challenge of doing it masked), we couldn't be more proud of our students' perseverance and commitment to reaching their full potential as martial artists.

On November 5th we wrapped up our last Belt Tests of the year, but the next ones are scheduled for Friday, February 25th, 2022. That gives everyone who didn't test or pass this time around plenty of time to keep drilling those techniques and sharpening those skills in preparation for the next one. You can do it!

We know that most schools are out for Thanksgiving Break next week, but the Dojo will remain open and on regular schedule for Group Classes and Private Lessons every day except for Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 25th).

Heading into the holidays next month, all of our younger Kids Programs (4:00 pm Tigers and 5:00 pm Dragons classes) will close all group and private training for Winter Break from Monday, December 13th through Saturday, January 1st.

Our Teens (6:00 pm) and Adults (7:00 pm) programs will break beginning Monday, December 20th through Saturday, January 1st.

The Dojo will reopen for all ages Group and Private training on Monday, January 3rd, 2022!

Since we had some of our students move to the higher ranks Dragons class after the Belt Test, we are now reopening enrollment for new students in our Kids (ages 6 - 9), Teens (10 - 14), and Adults (15+) group classes. If you or a member of your family are interested in experiencing the benefits of high-quality Martial Arts training, stop by the Dojo or contact us before the New Year rush, as our Kids classes are capped at 8 students, and available spaces in all of our classes are limited. As we head into the New Year (and hopefully out of the pandemic) we hope to raise caps gradually, but do not have plans to do so at this time. We also offer Gift Certificates for custom training packages in case you still need to knock anyone off of your Christmas list!

To stay up to date with the latest Dojo news and events, follow us on Instagram @ussdsc, and

Have an amazing end to another wonderfully chaotic month, and we'll see you in the Dojo.


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